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Welcome to Zonit, the creator, manufacturer, and distributor of displacement technology solutions that are real improvements to status quo methods. We develop at-the-rack data center infrastructure products and power reliability solutions that are focused on power distribution, power redundancy, and power path security for critical ITE devices and other digitally controlled industrial equipment. 


Powerful Technology Solutions


Enhanced Uptime

Trust in our mission critical power solutions to keep your data center running smoothly, minimizing costly downtime.

Cost Savings

Cost Savings

By choosing Zonit's data center power distribution solutions, you'll slash both operating and capital expenses, freeing up resources for strategic investments.

Safety First

Safety First

Our universally compatible dual-sided locking power cords secure critical pathways and minimize the potential for accidental, vibration and nuisance disconnects.


Risk Mitigation

Eliminate server downtime worries with our constant server power supply, ensuring your critical systems remain operational.

Wind Energy

Energy Efficiency

Embrace our energy-efficient solutions to reduce environmental impact and enjoy the cost-saving benefits of efficient power management.

Spiral Stairs




Seeing is

Don’t just take our word for it; watch Jim the IT Guy demonstrate the Z-LOCK power cable.


Siemen's Success Story

We’ve partnered with industry leaders like Siemens to deliver exceptional results. Discover how Zonit’s Z-ATS solution transformed Siemens’ data center control panels by lowering costs, boosting efficiency, and providing peace of mind.

Join the digital revolution with Zone IT. We’re more than just technology; we’re your partner in keeping your digital life alive and thriving.



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Aviv Clinics

"The team at Zonit helped us find a way to save space on an already tight project — not only floor space, but breaker space as well."

Veterans Affairs

"There was no thought of standardization in the legacy approach. Capacity planning? Forget about it. By establishing four power baselines, Zonit was able to help bring a repeatable approach to the table."


"We have a copy/paste design solution that we don’t have to tweak from project to project."

IBM Cloud

"After shipping and installing almost a million cords, there has not been a single product failure."


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Frequently Asked Questions

Products Generally

  • How do I buy Zonit products?

    We sell through topnotch distributors. Please see our Premier Distibutors at https:/ and find the one who bests serves your needs. 

     If you are a distributor, please login to our partner portal. If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please contact Zonit at

  • What are Product Lead Times and MOQs

    We strive to fulfill orders quickly. Lead times and MOQs vary by product and location. Please email sales at sharing what products and the quantities you are looking to purchase. We'll get back with you promptly.

  • Are your products TAA Compliant?

    All Zonit products are manufactured in TAA compliant countries.

  • Who else is using Zonit Products?

    Zonit products are in use at over 80% of the Fortune 100s and by a large number of governmental entities at the local, state, federal and international levels. Businesses of all sizes throughout the globe use Zonit.


  • How do you pronounce Zonit?

    It rhymes with Own It..."Zone It".

We offer a standard set of colors (Black, Red, Blue, and White) with standard lead times. We are happy to manufacture custom colors. Custom colors  require an MOQ (Minimum Order Quantity) and will affect/extend lead time. These are individually quoted.

All Zonit products are manufactured in TAA compliant countries.

No. ZATS units are voltage specific. Please consult with Zonit to help identify the best ZATS model for your application.

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