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Ready to buy Zonit products? Zonit products are sold worldwide through our expansive network of premier partners. Excellence is our standard  and we work with the best infrastructure providers throughout the globe. Our partners strive to ensure rapid delivery and are trained to provide complete technical support for all Zonit products. Only the best for the best, that’s our motto.

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What Clients Are Saying


Aviv Clinics

"The team at Zonit helped us find a way to save space on an already tight project — not only floor space, but breaker space as well."

Veterans Affairs

"There was no thought of standardization in the legacy approach. Capacity planning? Forget about it. By establishing four power baselines, Zonit was able to help bring a repeatable approach to the table."


"We have a copy/paste design solution that we don’t have to tweak from project to project."

IBM Cloud

"After shipping and installing almost a million cords, there has not been a single product failure."

Experience Zonit

We are engineers. We mean what we say, and say what we mean. We are confident you too will value the Zonit product quality and performance. We know seeing is believing, and we would be pleased to send you a complimentary product sample or Evaluation Unit. 

Complete this form for a Z-LOCK Sample or a Z-ATS, Z-PDS Evaluation Unit and we’ll get a sample in the mail to you promptly, and confirm with you when your sample is shipped.

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