Small and Efficient

The Z-ATS Industrial is designed to be the world’s smallest and most rugged automatic transfer switch for commercial and industrial digitally controlled devices.

  • Improves digital microcontroller units (MCUs) uptime
  • Automatically switches from primary to backup power when needed
  • Guaranteed uptime in the event of a power source or UPS failure.

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Build It, And They Will Come

We recently gave new – and existing – customers in the facilities industry the chance to get hands-on with the new Z-ATS Industrial for the first time – in Paris!

No, not that Paris, the Paris Las Vegas hotel during the NFMTRemix. Needless to say the team had a great time demonstrating the benefits of the Industrial across a wide range of facility use cases, and watching people’s eyes light up when they realized the impact the Z-ATS INDtm  could have in their buildings and job sites. 

If you couldn’t be there, but want to know what you missed, contact us today!

Key Benefits of the Industrial

  • With a Z-ATS Industrial, microprocessor control
    modules never have to go offline again.

  • The Industrial is an automatic transfer switch
    designed to minimize the downtime of digitally
    controlled equipment and devices.

  • Uninterruptible power supplies can be taken offline
    for maintenance while the controller stays online.

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Quick Deployment

The rugged aluminum case withstands harsh environmental and electrical operating conditions. It comes with terminal block ready wiring harness or corded I/O options. And the integrated DIN rail mounting, and patented T-slots for DIN rail adapters make it suitable for a variety of rail mountings and a quick installation and integration right out of the box.

What Customers Are Say About Zonit

“Zonit’s Z-ATS Industrial provides ‘cut and paste’ power redundancy and a maintenance bypass in a very small form factor that easily fits into our control panel enclosures.”
Engineering Manager, German automated controls company
"There was no thought of standardization in the legacy approach. Capacity planning? Forget about it. By establishing four power baselines, Zonit was able to help bring a repeatable approach to the table."
Veterans Affairs

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