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The Internet of Things (IOT), apps, mobile devices, working from home, and recovery from a global pandemic have all had an impact on retail, government, and Fortune 500 data center operations. Regardless of the type of data center you’re responsible for, the need to save space, power, time, and money hasn’t changed. In fact, the demand for improved data center performance has only increased.  

Use Cases & Case Studies

From MDF/IDF closets in the office to an industrial facility on 10 acres, Zonit has patented products to improve uptime, save space, and reduce energy consumption to help you meet your current and future data center(s) needs. 

Read the use cases and case studies below to learn more about how Zonit can help you. Click the title to access the document to read and/or download. 

Reduced Cost

Data Centers

Whether it’s Managed or Collocated, you expect your data center to be able to support your critical power infrastructure on day one. From its location to the equipment used to operate it from locking cables to ATSsno matter your situation, Zonit has the tools to address your needs. 


MDF / IDF / Edge

Cables and switches are critical to any network’s performance. This is especially true when dealing with the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) or Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) at a retail store, branch office, or hospital building. Regardless of the space you’re operating in, we have a solution just for you.

College Campus
Higher Education

Higher Education

Data centers play a crucial role in higher education institutions as they store and manage large volumes of digital information, support critical applications and services, and facilitate research activities. These data centers often face the challenge of maintaining uninterrupted operations while minimizing downtime and ensuring the security and availability of data. Zonit offers products that can help you avoid challenges that may arise in a higher education data center(s).

More Use Cases
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Zonit’s Blog is filled with timely industry and product trends, and provides insights into our our new developments in the data center, from power distribution to saving space, and how Zonit can help you achieve your goals.


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