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Looking for fast, energy-efficient, and zero U power distribution products to ensure uninterrupted data center operations?

At Zonit, we understand your data center's uptime is non-negotiable. That's why we've developed a lineup of cutting-edge solutions that guarantee your data center's uptime and keeps your business running smoothly. Explore our range of groundbreaking solutions below.
Plug and Cord Solutions

Give your data center an extra layer of security with dual-locking connectors that are universally compatible to ensure a secure and reliable connection across all your devices. Say goodbye to compatibility concerns and hello to seamless integration.

Transfer Speeds

Experience the power of speed with Zonit. Our products boast millisecond transfer speeds, ensuring that your data center remains agile and always ready for action. Say goodbye to downtime and hello to uninterrupted operations.

Power Distribution Architecture

Ensure reliable, robust, and efficient power distribution without compromising on reliability. Zonit offers cost-effective solutions for maintaining uptime in a streamlined and clutter-free data center.

Our Products

Technology that is revolutionizing mission critical operations

Z-LOCK 400
Universally Compatible Locking Cords For Hassle-Free Integration

Zonit’s locking connectors are universally compatible, providing a secure and dependable connection across all your devices. With Zonit, compatibility, and accidental disconnects are concerns of the past.

Z-LOCK Red Cable
Z-ATS Micro
Z-ATS Micro
Power Redundancy in a Compact Package

Experience power redundancy like never before with the Z-ATS Micro. It’s as compact as a cell phone, but its impact on your data center’s redundancy is colossal. This automatic transfer switch conquers the challenges posed by single-corded devices, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Z-ATS Industrial 800
Industrial Power Redefined

In the world of commercial and industrial digitally controlled devices, the Z-ATS Industrial reigns supreme. It’s not only the smallest but also the most rugged switch you can count on for uninterrupted operations. When it comes to power, this switch means business.

Z-PDS Back and Front
Z-PDS 400
Space-saving Power Distribution System

The Z-PDS is your answer to space-saving and cost-effective power distribution, whether it’s at, or above, the rack. Optimize and streamline your data center’s power distribution without compromising on efficiency.

Unparalleled Solutions for Your Data Center

Zonit is more than a provider of power solutions; we are your partner in improving efficiency, and ensuring uninterrupted operations. We understand the importance of uptime, and our products are engineered to keep your operations running seamlessly.

When you choose Zonit, you’re choosing reliability, efficiency, and innovation. Don’t let downtime hold you back.

Unleash the full potential of your data center with Zonit’s advanced power solutions.

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