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According to Uptime Institute, 15% of outages cost more than $1 million-an increase from 11% in 2019

Power failure in the data center isn’t going away, in fact, the impact and cost of outages is only growing. And while some of the causes of power failure are changing – think software and networking – human error, faulty equipment, and UPS failures continue to be the main culprits. This is true for edge, core, enterprise, or colocation data centers.

Regardless of the environment you’re operating in, all of our solutions were designed to give you peace of mind. From our Z-LOCK dual-locking cords to the Z-ATS Industrial – our newest product that provides dual power redundancy for critical automated control panels – we have you covered. 

Save Money and Time with Zonit.
Z-LOCK 400
Secure Power Redundancy

Z-LOCK was designed to help eliminate human errors and connectivity issues.

  • Securely locks on both ends regardless of the brand of PDU, or manufacturer, of IT hardware.
  • Eliminates accidental, vibration, and nuisance disconnects
  • Lowest cost option for securing critical power paths
Z Kate cables1796
For Data Centers of All Types

Not only do our dual locking cords come in handy in an Enterprise data center, but they’re also ideal for MDF / IDF closets and Edge.

And they also address 5 common cabling issues:

  1. Tightly packed cable bundles
  2. Human error
  3. Kinks or bends in the cable
  4. Poorly constructed cables
  5. Using the wrong connectors
Z-ATS Micro
Z-ATS Micro
Redundant Power Guaranteed

The Z-ATS Micro was designed to automatically switch from the primary power source (A) to the backup source (B) as needed. 

  • It’s fast…in less than 14ms the load is secure 
  • Takes up ZERO-U in the rack 
  • No programming, software, or firmware updates 
  • Cost-effective 1-to-1 solution
A Better ATS for the Data Center

Stop consuming multiple U with an expensive, multi-port ATS that is often under utilized. The Zonit Z-ATS Micro is simply the easiest and most cost-effective way to minimize downtime and provide redundant power at all times.

 The Z-ATS can switch between power sources at any phase angle, even 180 degrees out of phase.

Z-PDS 400
Eliminate Domains of Failure

The Z-PDS is the Swiss army knife of power distribution that reduces breaker positions and whips by up to 2/3. 

Easy receptacle changes can be made by technicians rather than electricians using standard, NEMA twist-lock plug adapters. Now you can save on capital and operational costs. 

Power Path Reliability (PPR)

Establishing Power Path Reliability requires flexibility and optimization. This is why the Z-PDS shines: 

  • A+B redundantly powered 3 phase RPP / PDU 
  • Requires only 2U in the rack 
  • Circuit breaker protection for each phase of each output 
  • Ability to pull single phase, split single phase, or 3 phase power in 208V, 415V and 480V flavors 
Z-ATS Industrial 800
Redundant Power Guaranteed

Backup Power When You Need ItEquipment gets old, UPSs fail, and breaking heat records are the norm. If any of these scenarios keep you up at night, the Z-ATS Industrial is the Zonit product for you:

  • Protects against UPS failures
  • A defacto maintenance bypass
  • A“cut and paste”solution
  • Provides dual-power redundancy
Z-ATS Industrial

Several of the world’s largest automated control panel manufacturers have already installed thousands of Z-ATS Industrial units inside their hyperscale client’s critical HVAC, fire panel, and environmental monitoring controls. 

Preventing Common Data Center Outages 

UPS failures, voltage spikes, cooling failures, unplanned maintenance… all of these issues can be addressed with the Z-ATS Industrial.  

With a 3″ x 6″ x 1-1/2″ form factor and integrated DIN rail mounting – it’s small and can easily fit inside any control panel enclosure.  

In 2022, Amazon, Oracle, and Google data centers dropped offline due to cooling issues.  Don’t lose sleep; deploy the Z-ATS Industrial in your HVAC control panels and generators to get the power redundancy you need and deserve. 

Uptime Assurance Guaranteed

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