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Over the Last Decade 32,000 Power Outages Impacted Multiple Campuses Across the United States

Unplanned power failures can happen almost anywhere and at any time on University and college campuses. That’s why you can find more than one Zonit product in use at any given time on campuses across the country. 

From data centers to generators, Zonit has a solution to help you maintain and improve your critical power uptime – while saving valuable space and money. Here are a few of the places you can find Zonit on your campus. 

Save Money and Time with Zonit.

In Data Centers

Z-LOCK 400
Secure Power Redundancy
5 Cabling Issues That Can Cause Power Failure in the Data Center
  1. Tightly packed cable bundles
  2. Human error
  3. Kinks or bends in the cable
  4. Poorly constructed cables
  5. Using the wrong connectors
Z Kate cables1796
Working in Data Center
Cables Designed for More Than the Data Center

Yes, Zonit dual locking cords are perfect for campus data centers, but they’re also really useful in small MDF / IDF closets found in nearly every building on campus.`

In Research Facilities and Labs

Z-ATS Industrial 800
Redundant Power Guaranteed
Eliminate Downtime Risk in Research Facilities and Labs

The Z-ATS Industrial is a “Cut and paste” solution designed to provide dual power redundancy in closets and critical automated control panels such as: 

  • HVAC 
  • Fire 
  • Pumping 
  • Environmental monitoring, and more… 
Z-ATS Industrial

Did you know one of the world’s largest OEMs has already ordered thousands of Z-ATS Industrial units to be installed in the HVAC control panels across multiple hyperscalers? 

Now you can install Z-ATS Industrial units across your campus. 

Don't Wait Until the UPS Fails

With a defacto maintenance bypass, you  can save thousands by performing maintenance on your schedule while keeping the systems up.  

With a wide operational temperature range and DIN rail mounting that allows installation inside and outside existing control panels, the Industrial is a small and rugged, dual power ATS that’s ready to go out of the box. 

Z-ATS Micro

In Dorms

Z-ATS Micro
Redundant Power Guaranteed
Reduce Power Failures in the Dorms

The Z-ATS instantly converts single corded devices into a dual power solution that is: 

  • Fast – securing the load in less than 11ms 
  • The world’s smallest – no bigger than in iPhone 
  • Is Zero U – taking up next to no space in the rack, and more…
The Perfect Solution for Single Power Devices in the Rack

The less efficient, but common method to solving single corded challenges in the rack, is to consume multiple U with an expensive, multi-plug ATS that is rarely fully populated. The Z-ATS is the easiest and most cost-effective way to solve this challenge threatening power reliability.  

Z-ATS can switch between power sources at any phase angle – even 180 degrees out of phase. 

Campus Wide

Z-PDS 400
Eliminate Domains of Failure
A PDS Designed for Any Location

The Z-PDS is the Swiss army knife of power distribution for smaller spaces. That’s why it’s broadly deployed across governments, retail, the space industry… and perfect for lecture halls, campus grounds, or anywhere you need single or 3-phase power to feed 1-6 racks.

Power path reliability (PPR) Outside of the Data Center

Establishing Power Path Reliability for IDF/MDF requires flexibility and optimization. This is why the Z-PDS shines: 

  • A+B redundantly powered 3 phase RPP / PDU 
  • Requires only 2U in the rack 
  • Circuit breaker protection for each phase of each output 
  • Ability to pull single-phase, split single-phase phase or 3-phase power utilizing 208V, 415V and 480V 
College Campus

Uptime Assurance Guaranteed

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