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The Zonit family of products reduces risk, increases uptime, improves safety, and lowers operating costs. 

Use Cases

The Internet of Things (IOT), apps, mobile devices, working from home, a global pandemic have all had an impact on what happens within a retail, government, or Fortune 500 Data Center. Regardless of the type of Data Center you’re responsible for, the bottom line is that Data Centers aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. The one thing that may change is the size or number of data centers you’re responsible for.

From a closet in the office to an industrial facility on 10 acres, Zonit has the patented products to improve the uptime, lower the costs, reduce the energy consumption etc… to meet your current and future data center(s) needs. 

Data Center

Whether it’s Managed or Colocated, you expect your data center to be able to support your critical power infrastructure on day one. From its location to the equipment used to operate it, including locking cables, PDUs, and ATSs…

MDF /IDF /Edge

Cables and switches are critical to any networks performance. This is especially true when dealing with the Main Distribution Frame (MDF) and/or Intermediate Distribution Frame (IDF) located in the small closet of a retail store, branch office, or campus building… 

Z-ATS Industrial

The Z-ATS Industrial is designed to be the world’s smallest and most rugged automatic transfer switch for commercial and industrial digitally controlled devices. The rugged aluminum case withstands harsh environmental and electrical operating conditions. It comes with terminal block…

Our Customers

Zonit provides trusted and reliable products that can be found everywhere from Fortune 100 corporations and local governments to MDF/IDF closets and industrial facilities. Our Z-Lock (locking cables), Z-ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches), and Z-PDS (Power Distribution Systems) provide facility managers Product Managers, and those in the C-Suite with the peace of mind knowing their data centers will be safe and operational. Below are just a few of the customers we serve. 

Don't take our word for it...

"We have a copy/paste design solution that we don’t have to tweak from project to project."
"After shipping and installing almost a million cords, there has not been a single product failure."
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