ZONIT Wants to Help You Make Your Numbers for 2022!

Here are the details:

  • This discount is exclusive to WESCO/Anixter. Zonit has never extended a similar discount to any other partner.
  • After suffering through extending lead times resulting from manufacturing and logistics challenges in Asia, Zonit now has over 300,000 Z-Lock dual locking cords in stock in our US warehouses. These Z-Locks are ready for IMMEDIATE SHIPMENT directly to your customers.
  • Zonit will extend additional discounts to both our Trade and Registered Pricing for ALL Purchase Orders submitted between December 1 and December 31, 2022,¬†for the part numbers on the inventory sheet found here.
    • During the Month of December 2022 for the included items Zonit discounts will be as follows:
      1) Trade Discount of 8% will be increased to 11%
      2) Registered Discount of 15% will be increased to 18%
      3) Factory orders will not be eligible for the additional discount
  • This additional discount strictly applies Z-Locks cords that are currently in stock in the US while supplies last. If we sell through a given a SKU, this incremental discount will no longer be available.
  • Orders will ship from Zonit within 5 days (usually less).
  • Quotes issued in December will be prepared at standard Trade and Registered discounts. If the PO for a quote that prepared in December is submitted during December, an additional discount of 3% will be applied.
  • WESCO/Anixter¬†will need to present each PO to a Zonit Sales Team Members to get the discount.
For more info contact sales@zonit.com.