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And the chance to win up to $125.00!

Now that the Z-ATS-IND™ has launched, we want you to make sure you have the information needed about what it can do for you – and your partners. Join Danny Latzer, our Western Region Sales Director, for an overview on how this small form factor ATS can greatly increase the reliability of your industrial devices power path – as well as:

  • Reduce downtime
  • Provide anytime, anywhere deployment – out of the box
  • Can save you time and money

This is information we think you should have, and we understand your time is valuable. That’s why those who attend this 30-minute introduction to the Z-ATS Industrial, will receive a $25.00 gift card – and the chance to win a $50.00 or $100.00 random gift card drawing at the end of the session. So, before you forget, register today and put it on your calendar!

Danny Latzer, Western Region Sales Director