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Inventory List

Click the image or button to download the full list of our stocked Z-Lock inventory. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@zonit.com.

About Z-LOCK

With Z-LOCK, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your connections again. Our universally compatible, dual-locking power cords ensure your devices stay connected. Z-LOCK’s patented technology securely locks your connections on both ends of the cord regardless of the brand of PDU or manufacturer of IT hardware. It is designed to eliminate accidental disconnects, especially those caused by equipment vibration and human error. Z-LOCK is flexible and can be redeployed on future projects, regardless of the IT equipment or type of rack PDU. It is easily installed, with locking technology that requires no clips or extra hardware.

Our Customers

Zonit provides trusted and reliable products that can be found everywhere from Fortune 100 corporations and local governments to MDF/IDF closets and industrial facilities. Our Z-Lock (locking cables), Z-ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches), and Z-PDS (Power Distribution Systems) provide facility managers Product Managers, and those in the C-Suite with the peace of mind knowing their data centers will be safe and operational. Below are just a few of the customers we serve.