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Z-LOCK - The World's First Universal Locking Power Cord

With Z-LOCK, you’ll never have to worry about the security of your connections again. Our universally compatible, dual-locking power cords ensure your devices stay connected. Z-LOCK securely locks your C13 to C14, C14 to C15, and C18 to C19 connections on both ends of the cord regardless of the brand of PDU or manufacturer of IT hardware. Our patented technology was designed to eliminate accidental disconnects, especially those caused by equipment vibration and human error.

  • Flexible and can be redeployed on future projects
  • Easily installed, with locking technology that requires no clips or extra hardware
  • Release tabs makes them easy to reach and release from either side of the plug

Check out this video from TikTok creator @jimtheITguy.

"Bottom line: Z-LOCK has made life easier. We know stuff’s not going to get disconnected when people are working in our space."
Local Government Data Center

Key Benefits

Improves uptime by securing both ends of the power cord

  • Non-proprietary connectors ensure universal
  • Easy to use solution is flexible and can be reused on future projects

Improved Reliability

Zonit’s Z-LOCK is the world’s first truly universal IEC locking power cord. Z-LOCK is 100% compatible with any existing infrastructure. It locks into place on both ends of the cord, securing the power path between IT device and rack PDU regardless of brand or manufacturer.

Z-LOCK is specifically designed to eliminate accidental, vibration or nuisance disconnects, and secure the power path between all devices. 

"After shipping and installing almost a million cords, there has not been a single product failure.”
IBM Cloud

Download an Informative Z-ATS Product Sheet, User Guide, and Case Study Below

Z-Lock Product Sheet

Securing the power path for all devices, Z-LOCK’s patented technology securely locks your connections on both ends of the cord regardless of the brand of PDU or manufacturer of IT hardware.

Z-LOCK Visual
Cord Guide

The only universal locking power cord that locks both ends requiring no proprietary mating plug or receptacle on either side of the connection; and compatible with standard IT equipment and PDU’s.

Z-LOCK User Guide

The Z-LOCK™ locking power cord made by Zonit Structured Solutions, LLC is warranted to be free of defects in materials and workmanship for a period of 3 years from the date of purchase.

Z-LOCK One Pager

It’s easy to build a Zonit Z-LOCK cord SKU. A Z-LOCK-zC14-14-aC13-1mBL makes more sense once you know the 5 key pieces of information that it identifies.

Case Study: Local Government Data Center

The IT operations group was challenged with an inordinate number of IT outages. These outages were not catastrophic power failures caused by the utility or the data center electrical infrastructure, but rather unplanned outages at the rack and server level…

Case Study: SoftLayer and IBM Cloud

SoftLayer had to solve the challenge of both building and deploying racks at a faster pace, while managing quality control/quality assurance issues presented by the process of configuring, shipping, handling, and installing racks at their final destination.

A-LOCK Product Sheet

Securing the power connection of all devices, Zonit’s A-LOCK is universally compatible and designed for applications where one more locking receptacle is all  you need to ensure the reliability of your rack configuration.

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Did you know?

The Zonit Z-LOCK is the most popular locking power cord on the market. Ordering a custom Z-LOCK is easy, and creating the part number for the cord you need is even easier.  

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