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The World’s First IEC Dual-Locking Power Cord

Z-LOCK 400

Welcome to Zonit’s Z-LOCK, the future of secure data center power. Our universally compatible, dual-locking Z-LOCK power cords are engineered to ensure your data center cables stay connected, no matter what challenges come your way. 

Z-LOCK is your ultimate solution for data center connectivity. It securely locks your C13, C14, C15, C19, and C20 power cords on both ends, eliminating the risk of accidental disconnects and providing unmatched peace of mind.

If you’re looking for a single-sided locking power cord, Zonit’s A-LOCK is what you need. This single-sided locking power cord locks on the outlet end, with a standard non-locking input end.

Elevate Your Data Center's Reliability with Zonit

Z-LOCK Features

Universal compatibility Z Lock 1

Hassle-free Locking Technology

Z-LOCK provides a seamless experience with advanced locking technology that requires no clips or extra hardware. It's a straightforward, simple, and effective solution to keep your power cords securely connected.

Z-LOCK Universal Compatibility

Universal Compatibility

Say goodbye to compatibility concerns. Z-LOCK features non-proprietary connectors to ensure universal compatibility, so it seamlessly integrates with any brand of Power Distribution Unit (PDU) or IT hardware, providing freedom and flexibility without compromise or limitations.

Z Lock Easy Release

Easy Release

Z-LOCK features convenient, easy-to-reach tabs that make releasing the lock a breeze from either side of the plug.

Z-LOCK ensures effortless, hassle-free cable management, even in the most challenging data center environments.

Z Lock Sustainable

Sustainable Solution​

Z-LOCK is reliable and eco-friendly. It’s not just a one-time solution. It's reusable, allowing you to redeploy it on future projects, making it a cost-effective choice as well.


In these two compelling case studies, organizations facing critical data center challenges found their solutions in Zonit’s groundbreaking Z-LOCK locking power cords. These case studies underscore how Zonit’s innovative power cords have become instrumental in enhancing data center reliability, minimizing outages, and streamlining operations for organizations of diverse sizes and complexities.

Local Government​

In this case study, a local government data center was struggling with frequent IT outages, primarily during equipment changes. Read how Z-LOCK’s universal, dual-locking technology eliminated unplanned disconnects, secured power connections, and ensured uninterrupted operations.

SoftLayer / IBM Cloud

Here, SoftLayer /IBM Cloud sought to expedite server rack deployments while reducing the risk of power cord disconnects. Read how Zonit’s Z-LOCK provided a comprehensive solution by securing the equipment on both ends with dual-locking cords significantly improving efficiency.

Join the digital revolution with Zonit. We’re more than just technology; we’re your partner in keeping your digital life alive and thriving.

Download Z-LOCK Product Sheets

Z-LOCK Product Sheet

Securing the power path for all devices, Z-LOCK’s patented technology securely locks your connections on both ends of the cord regardless of the brand of PDU or manufacturer of IT hardware.

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Z-LOCK Visual Cord Guide

The only universal locking power cord that locks both ends requiring no proprietary mating plug or receptacle on either side of the connection; and compatible with standard IT equipment and PDU’s.

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Download Z-LOCK Product Sheets

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Elevate Your Data Center's Reliability with Zonit

When it comes to safeguarding your data center’s mission-critical operations, Zonit stands as the top choice for cutting-edge solutions. Our comprehensive range of products and expertise ensures uninterrupted performance, setting us apart as the industry leader.

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