Z-PDS is Affordable, Compatible, Reliable, and Safe

At half the cost, the Z-PDS is a more effective solution than traditional distribution. It saves space by replacing RPP’s and whips, busway, and rack power strips. And with features like intrinsic three phase load balancing, it is safer and more reliable.

The Z-PDS: 

  • Outputs a variety of single or three-phase power
  • Can feed 1-6 racks
  • Is compatible with all standard power distribution 

Key Benefits

  • Reduces infrastructure and operating costs associated with traditional power distribution
  • Simplifies distribution and frees data center floor space above and below the raised access floor
  • Streamlines deployments while improving the safety and reliability of your electrical infrastructure

Evolution of the PDU

  • Eliminates RPPs, reduces PDU and whip counts
  • Fewer components, more room for racks and airflow
  • On demand rack distribution, single or three phase
  • Circuit breaker protection for each phase of each output
  • Changes made by a TECHNICIAN, not an ELECTRICIAN
"There was no thought of standardization in the legacy approach. Capacity planning? Forget about it. By establishing four power baselines, Zonit was able to help bring a repeatable approach to the table."
Veterans Affairs

Download an Informative Z-PDS Product Sheets and User Guide Study Below

Product Sheet

The Zonit Z-PDS is the next step in the evolution of power distribution to the rack. Our modular solution lets you manage power at the rack instead of the PDU to reduce cost and simplify distribution. Z-PDS is the three-phase solution that also supports singe-phase deployments.

Z-PDS Ecosystem Product Sheet

The Z-PDS system is the logical evolution of power distribution in the data center. By moving three phase power to the rack and tapping it via inexpensive plug adapters, the same result as running a new whip from a three phase power panel or putting a new tap box in an overhead busway can be achieved, easier, quicker and cheaper.

Case Study: Department of Veterans Affairs

In 2009, the VA was tasked with a daunting project: standardize the design of existing and new critical facilities. The challenge was to provide a repeatable, sustainable, and simplified approach to facility design. The challenge comes in creating a universal specification that works within a constantly changing IT environment.

Case Study:
AVIV Clinics

The project for Aviv Clinics consisted of bringing both AC and DC power to a piece of specialty medical equipment which, in this case, was a hyperbaric chamber. There were four total DC rectifier plants with each requiring four 20A single phase inputs. Further, the customer needed to feed the unit with 277/480V power and had limited feeders provisioned.

Z-PDS User Guide

The Zonit Power Distribution System (Z-PDS™) is an extremely versatile and reliable power delivery solution for data centers and tele-communication closets with many innovative patented and patent pending features. It delivers 208V or 480V three phase A-B redundant power directly at the rack and outputs a wide variety of power configurations.


Did you know?

"The team at Zonit helped us find a way to save space on an already tight project — not only floor space, but breaker space as well."
Aviv Clinics

Did you know that Zonit manufactures the Z-PDS, a revolutionary power distribution solution that is changing the way companies are bringing mission-critical power to MDF and IDF closets?

One of our Z-PDS customers just happens to be the largest health care system in the US.  

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