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Z-PDS 400

The Zonit Z-PDS is the future of power distribution to the rack, offering the most space-saving and cost-effective power distribution solution on the market. It redefines how power is distributed in data centers, eliminating the need for additional Remote Power Panels (RPPs), cumbersome busway systems rack power strips, and significantly reducing the number of Power Distribution Units (PDUs) required. It brings complete three-phase, A-B power redundancy to the rack, offering superior performance at half the cost of traditional distribution methods, making it a versatile and future-proof solution.

Discover the Future of Power Distribution

Why Choose Z-PDS​

Z-PDS Space Saving Design

Space - Saving Design

Say goodbye to clutter. Fewer components mean more space on your data center floor and in the rack. Z-PDS reduces the number of breakers and whips by 1/2 to 2/3.

ZPDS Protection

Infrastructure & Cost Reduction

With the Z-PDS you can power 1 to 6 racks, eliminating the need for costly traditional redundant power paths (RPPs) and busways. This means significant savings on infrastructure expenses while delivering high-quality power.

Z-PDS Ports Close Up


Z-PDS seamlessly integrates with standard power distribution methods, including whips, busways, and RPPs. It's designed to work with your existing setup for a hassle-free transition to a more efficient solution.

Z-PDS Front On Off

Enhanced Protection​

No need for electricians. The Z-PDS is designed for easy configuration changes, allowing technicians to make adjustments quickly and efficiently. Each phase of the output is equipped with circuit breaker protection, ensuring safe and reliable power delivery.


Rated Input Voltage
Three Phase 208V, 415V or 480V, either wye or delta configuration
Rated Input Amperage
30 or 60 amps
Standard Input Cords
Two A + B 10-foot SOW input cords; other lengths available custom
Input Cord Termination Options
Hardwire box: standard for all models. NEMA L21/22 Plugs: standard for NEMA L21 – 208V models. IEC 60309 pin & sleeve: standard for NEMA L22 – 415 or 480V models. Starline tap box – optional for all models
Output Receptacle Options
For 60A inputs: (6) 20A NEMA L21 or L22 OR (4) 30A NEMA L21 or L22 OR (12) 20A IEC C19 For 30A inputs: (4) 20A NEMA L21 or L22. For 30A/208V: (4) 20A NEMA L21 or L22 & (6) 20A NEMA 5-20 receptacles All outputs are split evenly into A + B feeds
Output Branch Circuit Protection
Individual 20A or 30A circuit breakers protect each hot output phase of each output receptacle
UL/cUL File E340237
Dimensions (L x W x D)
11.13 x 17.50 x 3.50 (2RU) in (282.6 x 444.5 x 88.9 mm)
29 lb (13.2kg
Shipping Weight
33 lb (15kg)
Elevation - Operating
0 to 10,000 ft (0 to 3000m)
Elevation - Storage
0 to 50,000 ft (0 to 15000m)
Temp - Operating
23 to 113ºF (-5 to 45ºC)
Temp – Storage
-13 to 149ºF (-25 to 65ºC)
Operating Humidity
0 to 95% Non-condensing

Aviv Clinics Case Study

Aviv Clinics in The Villages, Florida, faced a distinctive power challenge when outfitting their hyperbaric chamber with both AC and DC power. Collaborating with Data Center Systems, Inc. (DCSI), Zonit provided an ingenious solution. A three-phase Z-PDS unit, configured with two 277/480V 60A inputs and utilized its six L22-20 output receptacles, efficiently powered the chamber’s microprocessor controls and rectifier battery shelves. This not only met their power needs but also optimized space utilization. Sixteen of eighteen available hot/neutral feeders were utilized, translating into cost savings and enhanced electrical efficiency. The Zonit Z-PDS delivered a space-saving, cost-effective, and reliable power distribution solution tailored to Aviv Clinics’ unique requirements, showcasing its adaptability and efficiency for diverse applications.

Watch It

Watch how replacing older and more traditional power distribution units with the Z-PDS can save you time and money while providing safety and reliability by allowing cold power changes at the panel board, which is more efficient and safer, by technicians–not electricians

Discover the Future of Power Distribution with Zonit ​

Zonit’s revolutionary Z-PDS is where advanced technology meets efficient power distribution. As the digital landscape evolves, and the demand for reliable, space-saving, cost-effective solutions grow, our Z-PDS is engineered to meet these challenges head-on.

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