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The Zonit family of products reduces risk, increases uptime, improves safety, and lowers operating costs. 

The Advantages of Working With Zonit Representatives

Zonit Representatives have worked with manufacturers, engineers, and end users giving them the background, knowledge, and understanding to assist with the critical power needs unique to each project. The representative you decide fits your needs best, will come prepared to ask the right questions.

Zonit Representatives Near You

Our representatives understand the value of reducing cost and the time to implement the solution(s) that’s best for you and your client when building, updating, retrofitting, troubleshooting etc. a data center(s). Time is money, so don’t wait to contact a Zonit Representative today!

C2 (Conceptual Connectivity) – CO
6942 S. Picalilly St.
Aurora CO 80016


C2 (Conceptual Connectivity) – AZ
3537 N. Apache Way.
Scottsdale, AZ  85261

Coastline Networks
905 Calle Negecio
Number 74792
San Clemente, CA  92673 

Core Logics LLC
1295 North Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA  30306

Digitech Sales
6410 Nasoni Cove
Austin, TX 78749

Global Technologies
10157 Woodlawn Drive
Portage, MI  49002

Jelph Power Equipment
11 Seragoon Ave 2
#10-37 Sunglade, 556135  Singapore

Network Products Inc.  (NPI Connect) – Mid Atlantic HQ
9157 Arbuckle Drive.
Gaithersburg, MD  20877 


Network Products Inc.  (NPI Connect) – South Atlantic HQ
5209-H Stuart Andrew Blvd..
Charlotte, NC  28217 

Physical Layer Technologies
28365 Davis Parkway, Suite 204
Downers Grove, IL  60555

Triad Information Systems
190 Lincoln Highway
Edison, NJ  08871

1240 Sheldon Drive
Brentwood, CA  94513

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  • Higher Education…

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Did You Know?

You don’t need the latest data center think tank to tell you that a locking power cord is cheaper than the cost of downtime in a mission critical operation.  Or do you?

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