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The Critical Role of Uptime and Power Infrastructure in Streaming and Broadcasting

The streaming and broadcasting industry has exploded in popularity over the past decade. In August 2022, viewership of streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Disney+ overtook television viewing in the United States for the first time at 34.8%1. This represents a major shift away from traditional cable TV and has given rise to a new set of challenges for the industry, particularly when it comes to uptime and reliability.

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Two Ways to Improve Your Data Center Capacity

Data centers are a critical component of the modern digital economy, providing essential infrastructure and services to organizations of all sizes. However, as data centers continue to grow in size and complexity, the challenge of maximizing space and efficiency has become increasingly important. Rack optimization and zero U hardware are two ways you can improve space utilization in existing and future data centers…

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The Importance of Cable Management in the Data Center

One of the key components of a data center or IMF / MDF closet is the cable management infrastructure. Because these cables transmit critical power and data between various devices such as servers, storage systems, and networking equipment; it’s essential they stay organized, properly maintained, and secure. However, various cabling issues can occur leading to significant downtime that can adversely impact the reliability and efficiency of the data center as a whole…

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Backup When the Data Center UPS FAILS

At the basic level, an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) provides backup power in case of a power outage, and also conditions and regulates power by smoothing out any fluctuations in voltage and frequency in the data center. And UPS failure is a major concern for data centers because it can cause significant downtime and data loss…

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